Ala Talkkari Manufacture boilers form 30 kw up to 999kw


Containerised heating systems are fantastic for customers looking for a simple hassle free heating solution. These containers come straight from the factory ready to work and just drop on site with minimal commissioning and installation time.

Our most popular option is where boilers are supplied and installed in either a new or existing boiler room. like the ones in the slide show.

We are able to supply only or we can offer a turn key solution from start to finish removing the stress and hassle from a install.


This is a video of a 990 containerised Veto biomass boiler  

This is how quick and hassle free a veto container can be installed at your site. This is a 220 kw boiler the boiler and feed bunker comes as one complete unit and are simply dropped on site 

Waste wood biomass boilers
Turn your wood waste in to profit  !
Electricity and heat from wood
Veto Dynamo
The small ORC Plant
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Want to reduce your heating bill or even turn it into an income stream ?
Do you have a large heat demand ?  

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